Similar Players in MLB

Taking a quantitative approach to identify which players are similar to each other.

Personal Website

Using blogdown to create and host a website on

Similar Players in MLB: Comparison against Baseball-Reference

Validation of the similarity calculation using Baseball Reference.

Similar Players in MLB: Calculating Similarity

First attempt at calculating the similar between different players using annual statistics provided by Lahman.

Similar Players in MLB

An introduction to some thoughts on using data and analytics for determining player similarity in Major League Baseball.

Children at Risk Research

Using analytics to determine risk factors associated with child fatalities

Simulating a Baseball Game

Using R and Dynamic Programming to simulate a baseball game.

Financial Metrics Visual Model

Using simple modeling techniques to understand impact to corporate finances

MLB Player Similarity

Using stats to determine how similar baseball players are to each other.

Sentiment Analysis for specific Brand/Products

Translating unstructured text to interpret feelings towards a brand.