JIEDDO - Operations Research and Systems Analysis Support

Courtesy of JIEDDO

I support JIEDDO using various analytical techniques including Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Regression Analysis. I created and tested a metric to help support decision making for various groups of people working with JIEDDO. I transferred complicated projects in EXCEL and ACCESS to SAS, improving the run-time and product quality. I created SAS Stored Processes to help streamline report generation, support business intelligence, and produce high quality graphics for all customers. I wrote a process to clean raw data and format the data using regular expression parsing on ingest of the data feeds. I integrated a process to parse XML files and create new databases from the results, making new sources of data available for a multitude of colleagues. I designed a database to enhance reporting and help determine an optimal solution to a resource allocation problem.

Image: US soldiers examine evidence at an IED training site at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, US.

Christopher Teixeira
Christopher Teixeira
Co-Department Head

My research interests include using my skills for the public good and playing with baseball data.